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Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: Cheshire wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 02 April, 2020 11:31

You too Wolverina and all posters on here. One can't help get the feeling that wherever we are we run a risk of contacting this damned virus, so best to follow the rules and spend quality time with family, hoping we all stay safe.

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: maiseytaw (IP Logged)
Date: 05 April, 2020 18:25

To those who've mentioned that you grew up in Wombourne and may know him, Bill Staite is currently very ill in hospital with COVID-19. Here's hoping he fully recovers and is back on the bowls green very soon.

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 20 July, 2020 13:45

I started this thread not realising the severity of the "virus". It now appears if you are under 65 with no serious health issues , you have more chance of being run over by a bus that dying of covid yet economies are wrecked, deaths are attributed to covid even if you get run over by a car and have previously had the virus with life as we know it stopped.

Protect the vulnerable but let everyone else lead their lives which are all finite instead of healthy people expected to live in terror.

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: Cheshire wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 20 July, 2020 22:28

I know what you are saying Angry, but I think the problem is those people who seem to disregard the possibility of catching this damned virus and spreading it to others, the ones who ignore the social distance requirement or object to the wearing of masks before it has been proved whether they work or not.
You mention the over 65's and the danger to those of us in that age group is the the risk of younger folk catching the virus and passing it on which could be fatal for them. My granddaughter was due to go on holiday with her Dad and his wife yesterday, and she refused to go, because her maternal Grandfather has had to shield for many months, and she worries about the possibility of picking up the virus and passing it on to him - and she is 13!!

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: Lupinehowler (IP Logged)
Date: 21 July, 2020 12:13

It also needs to be borne in mind that this virus is mutating constantly so could, heaven forbid, become more of a serious risk than it currently is.
Interesting article on the radio this morning, Vietnam with a population of 100M has only recorded 300 cases with zero deaths, opinions are that the population has been exposed to a similar virus in the past so now has a natural immunity.

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: Ivybridge Wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 21 July, 2020 13:46

There are and continue to be so many unknowns surrounding the virus at present as rates in our country come down (for the time being?) and spiral elsewhere.

What is the effect of weather systems, cold, hot, damp dry?
As highlighted will mutation prove more virulent or less or the same?
Does having antibodies mean immunity and if so how long will that last?
What proportion of our population have been exposed to the virus? We don’t know this due to the lack of testing when transmission was at its peak?
Allied to the activity of the antibodies and numbers exposed, to what extent will herd immunity take hold .... or not?
Will a vaccine become available and when? It’s looking positive but again if successful, how long will immunity last?
Will a vaccine successfully induce immunity against mutations?
What is the real percentage of those who are asymptomatic carries? We don’t know this and it’s likely to be higher than the 4-6% originally quoted and this is the group that can really do the damage to others - without knowing it. They won’t be positive to any temperature monitoring, for example.
Is track and trace really up to it only reaching 50% of contacts in some areas? Granted higher in others.
Will a second Peak take hold and crucially how will this impact on health services? We have already seen what the immediate effect was and now the mid term consequences e.g. access to other acute and chronic services, for example cancers services or life changing orthopaedic surgery etc etc
To what extent do people strictly observe socially distancing and the wearing of face coverings and how does that translate into the confidence of other people?
Will COVID-19 run its course and fizzle out? Seems unlikely in the short to medium term given transmission e.g. North and South America.

There are more, of that I’m certain, however whilst we understand a great deal more about COVID-19 now than in February, there are still many partial or unanswered questions. I suspect by the beginning of the new year, we will know even more, likely sooner. I believe the more we know, this will become the biggest boost of confidence. And when considering the vulnerable groups, it is very much all about who comes into contact with them (and their attitudes and daily practice) and who comes into contact with their contacts etc and appreciating the role and potential dangers of asymptomatic carriers. Additionally, worth remembering and often overlooked, whilst many recover very successfully as well as those who have sadly died, there are many who are disabled to varying degrees due to exposure e.g. renal failure, respiratory scarring etc.

The joys of life in 2020. However things are and will be, I’d truly love to get back to Molineux ASAP though safely, COVID-19 extinguishing the pride and satisfaction of the players lap of honour yesterday in likely to be our best season since 1980 or possibly longer!

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: Cheshire wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 21 July, 2020 15:55

Very thoughtful and insightful dialogue Ivy and I'm sure we all share your sentiments in the last paragraph. By the way do you realise you are close to winning the Prediction League again???

Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 21 July, 2020 19:29

Whilst we all agree the vulnerable should be protected, no government should be restricting the lives of the general population to protect a tiny number of people resulting in the subsequent carnage of firms closing, job losses, financial hardships that many are experiencing.

People in society need perspective, just under a thousand people per day die in the Uk of heart disease/ cancer alone yet we are closing down the economy for deaths that have never and will never exceed those figures whatever "lack of social distancing is employed". The risks of dying from covid under 70 is less than 1 in 1000, yet healthy people are locked away for a disease that has less risks than cancer/heart disease... if the government is so obsessed with protecting health , why not ban cars as an estimated 40,000 per year in the Uk die from air pollution related issues or ban alcohol which kills thousands per year with related health issues putting unnecessary strain on the NHS. Tens of thousands of people die in the Uk from weight related issues with obesity putting a huge burden on the health system yet people preach abouts masks stuffing their cavernous mouths full of chocolate gurgling down beer oblivious to the potential risks not to themselves but to a health service which will one day have to cater for their lifestyle down the road with likely care. The funniest statement I saw recently was on another site where a morbidly obese chap was telling people how selfish they were failing to adhere to social distancing as he sat there proud as punch in an avatar picture clutching a cigarette in one hand and a pint of beer in another... it's utter hypocrisy.

People stand outside their front doors banging pots and pans together with rolling pins showing their apparent support for the NHS, an organisation which has sent the elderly to their deaths discharging them to care homes where they have subsequently dropped like flies. I can't imagine a more insane act than an elderly individual screaming and shrieking their appreciation for an organisation waving a pan around like a demented Delia Smith which is encouraging them to sign " do not resuscitate " order basically condemning them to death. The NHS may have many decent drs/nurses, but we also have many incompetent ones with a bureaucracy in places unfit for purpose coupled with a death rate which is the highest in Europe predominantly down to failings of this organisation sending old people to their death or not even resuscitating them at all.

Without wishing to be the harbinger of bad news, it's likely everyone on this board will be dead in 40 summers or less. Life is finite and no government should have the right to dictate when we are able to leave our houses or enforcing masks to be worn in shops like a rendition of phantom of the opera. The mortality rates in no country warrants this ridiculous melodrama ... masks for a ten minute trip to tescos yet you can drink for hours in a pub without one apparently lol. I haven't worn a mask as of yet , but of course this silly legislation is coming in to make it mandatory from Friday. I'd suggest people that are terrified of Covid holed away in broom cupboards actually look at the mortality stats compared to other things in society - pollution, obesity, immobility , poverty etc all present far higher risks to health yet no one seems to bat an eyelid.

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Re: Corona Virus
Posted by: an angry wolf (IP Logged)
Date: 21 July, 2020 19:39

There is also the issue of missed appointments regarding failed cancer screenings, people not getting surgery for other health related issues and coupled with the deaths which will undoubtedly result from the economic fallout people face, many experts believe more will die from these factors than the virus itself.

Many of the deaths that have been registered are attributed to Covid are not as a consequence of the virus at all but because someone that had it at one stage died it was treated as a Covid death. If for eg someone had the virus and weeks later had a heart attack who may have had heart surgery 1 year ago , that is included in the statistics which is primarily why we don't have the same daily death count figures now as the government have realised what an insane system it is but then I realised many years ago society is barking mad. Future generations will be looking back to these times in history books seeing all this nonsense shaking their heads in disbelief the same way we do looking back to the days of sacrificing goats in order for crops to grow

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