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Re: News and Stuff!
Posted by: Ozzy Osbone
Date: 08/07/2020 14:21
Ozzy Osbone
There is no racism in me my friend. My objection is to the BLM movement and the simps, fools and cowards backing it up. It's disgusting. It's founded by a bunch of marxist loons, probably the same as Extinction and Occupy etc. with Soros money and that is my problem. I have already said that were I to have a DNA test I would likely come out darker than my skin tone. I really don't care. I understand Lewis' message. I see a paddock full of white men. The reasons are many and varied ad I get the frustration and I do support positive action over time to change things but it will take a hell of a time and that's OK. It will have to start at the education level which is currently run by marxist loons as well. I left the topic alone as Andrew Hooper suggested subtly that I did. Fair enough, not my site. But don't you dare brand me a racist just because I won't get on my knee for people who want to destroy our economy, our society and our justice system. Simply not going to happen and they simply won't succeed.

Thank you everyone here for making my point for me. Ozzy posts this racist (as well as anti-Semitic and probably a bit drunken) rant that definitely includes personal attacks (I am obviously a supporter of BLM) and not one of you raises any objection to it.

"I do support positive action over time to change things but it will take a hell of a time and that's OK." --OK for whom, Ozzy?

"I won't get on my knee for people who want to destroy our economy, our society and our justice system. " No one has asked you to. Harboring paranoid fantasies, are you, that Black people are out to oppress you? Also, who is included in the "our" you refer to here, Ozzy? If you regard Black people as proper and full members of our society, why wouldn't you say "their" economy, "their" society, "their" justice system? Why do you posit them as some entirely external force attacking you and what is yours?

You are a bigot. You just don't have the courage to admit it.

Race has absolutely nothing to do with DNA, by the way. It was invented by Europeans (in the late 15th century, coinciding with their "discovery" of the Americas by Europeans--long before the discovery of DNA) in order to justify their enslavement and exploitation of peoples they could then regard as members of different and subordinate categories--categories that they put them in. There is zero biological basis for those divisions. Their effects--differential levels of wealth. access to educational and other resources, varying racialized identities, etc. --are not in any way the product of biology, but of over 500 years of their use as an organizing principle in European societies and the societies produced by their colonial conquests (e.g. the US).

Lastly, it's very clear that you don't have the vaguest idea what Marxism is, and wouldn't know a Marxist if one bit you in the ass. George Soros? Not a Marxist! He is a Jew, though, which is surely what you meant anyway.

Nope, I'm not a bigot, a racist, an anti-semite at all and you are the one who has no idea. Simple fact. I have a degree in history so yeah, I do understand a few things. But anyway, you carry on tearing down our (ie. all of us regardless of anything) country. Just when we need it most, in the middle of a pandemic. BLM is a joke. ALL lives matter and yes, the F1 paddock should look different and I'm sure it will in time. I'm sure there is no inherent racism in the hiring process. What we need to look at is why there are less 'non-white' people either applying for jobs in F1 or having the qualifications to do so. That is the point. If I'm this racist bigot you talk of, why am I a massive fan of Lewis? How does that work. I always have been. I started reading about him the back pages of Autosport on my lunch break I would guess around the early 90s, not sure and yes, the reason he stood out, aside from his excellent karting achievements was the colour of his skin. I rooted for him all the way through and that GP2 season was the best ever. I'm not a racist, I don't have a single thing against Jewish people so go take your nonsense, stick it where the sun don't shine and stop destroying our country.

Edit, I'm saying nothing more on this topic. Carry on if you want to and consider yourself the winner of this discussion. I have already been reminded this is an F1 forum.

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