FW42 Spanish updates guide to rest of 2019

By Andrew Hooper
May 6 2019

 FW42 Spanish updates guide to rest of 2019

For the ROKiT Williams Team the opening races of the 2019 Formula One season have seen the team struggle with performances issues with the 2019 FW42 which has seen both Williams cars running at the rear of the field and seeing the team fail to score any points.

Combined with this was also issues with the supply of parts coming from issues with the production process at the Williams factory. On top of this was the damage to the cars of both Robert Kubica and George Russell at the recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix which placed further demands on the stock of spare parts. This has placed immense pressures on the Williams factory in terms of building an adequate supply of spare parts for the race team let along looking at dealing with the process of building upgrade components as the team works to solve the issues with the FW42.

But the Spanish Grand Prix will mark the first race where the Williams team can finally start the process of applying updates to the troublesome FW42. Such are the importance of these updates team driver George Russell is of the view that they will show whether the team can address the performance issues with the FW42 and in turn see a change in the teams fortunes for the rest of the season.

George would comment: From the moment we put this car down in Barcelona we knew wed be having this car for the next four races or so.

Weve got a few little updates coming for Barcelona and I think that will give us a good indication of how the rest of the season will pan out.

[They are] a number of different things, varying from aerodynamics to brakes and so on.

Like I said its not a full update but it will give us a clear direction of where we need to focus and based on those results it will help us understand if weve got any hope for the remainder of the season or not.

"It's definitely going to get easier from now on in and I have confidence that we are going to make progress," he added.

"The team is working extremely hard and we have some quite exciting things in the pipeline.

"How close that will bring us to the rest of the pack I don't know but these [difficult] weekends are making us stronger.

"I do believe at some point we'll be able to turn it around."

As for his role in the process of reversing the teams fortunes George added: My task at the moment is to direct the team and point them in the right areas where we need to focus. I feel quite a lot of responsibility to help turn this team around and get us back to where Williams belongs to be.

Im enjoying that aspect of it but its a shame its not quick process, these things always take time.

One of the other issues that the Williams team has had to deal with has been the absence of a Technical head with Chief Technical Officer Paddy Lowe for "personal reasons".

Williams co-founder Patrick Head has been brought back in to assist the team's recovery, working as a consultant.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams said Head is "acting as a guide" for the team's engineers.

Claire spoke of the current situation at Williams: "We are now in a position where we have all our race quantities, we have the quality on those race quantities that we needed."

"Now we're looking to bring the upgrades that have literally been sitting on a shelf as we've cleared the backlog out of manufacturing.

"There is some light at the end of the tunnel. I think China demonstrated that we've brought a little bit of performance to the car, but we're still far too far behind the ninth-placed team at the moment.

"We're doing a lot of work back at Williams.

"If anyone thinks that we're just hoping for a miracle or that things will just go our way at some point, that's not the case."


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