ROKiT Williams drivers help maintain team morale

By Andrew Hooper
May 21 2019

 ROKiT Williams drivers help maintain team morale
Claire Williams

For the ROKiT Williams Team the opening races of the 2019 Formula One season has seen the team struggle with well publicised issues with their 2019 car. The two team drivers George Russell and Robert Kubica have had to contend with the knowledge that every time they take to the track they will finish last in the results.

But for Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams the role that both George and Robert  have being playing has been “extraordinarily instrumental” in maintaining the team morale through what is a extremely difficult period for the team..

Claire commented on the part being played by the teams drivers by saying: “Both drivers have done more than we could possibly expected them to.”

“They knew as much as we did going into this season it was going to be difficult but both have been extraordinarily instrumental in maintaining and supporting the morale within the team, being team players, and keeping a level head.

“That must be incredibly difficult year for them.

“Even if it is not Robert Kubica’s rookie year he has been away for a long time so it must be difficult for them going out each week knowing that they will probably qualify last and finish last but they have done a great job so I hope that continues.”

As for the spirit within the team Claire spoke of how the team has worked hard in order to maintain the morale within the team.

Claire added: “It is good, it is hard work to make sure moral is good and where you want it to be for everyone to be at their best but it is something we’ve always worked hard on for a number of years,” she said.

“We have a programme in place to make sure we keep morale where it needs to be.

“The signs of how well we do, last year on the race team we only lost one person and that wasn’t down to team performance or wanting to jump ship.

“That tells you the spirit we have in the team at the moment and the very fact that people are going over and above to make sure the two or three chassis are ready.

“Everybody knows the journey that they are in and they want to be a part of it. For me the spirit is a typical Williams spirit, everyone is enjoying the challenge.”


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