Next Up: Peterborough Utd (H) - FA Cup

By Kenny_Crons
December 18 2017

A look ahead to Rovers' home FA Cup First Round Replay against Petereborough United for a chance to travel to fellow National League side Woking in Round Two..

There has been a lot of talk about the SWA lately and the amazing support we have been offering the team, home and away. Most of the press conferences after the game have cited the 12th man as being instrumental in recent victories so clearly the playing staff value us. But how much influence will we have on what happens on the pitch tomorrow night? I have heard a lot of players talking about the inspiration they get from the stands and how it spurs them on but it can't just be that can it? Because when I think of all the wonderful moments I have had supporting our brilliant team, I would also have to say that we have had some great players out on the pitch to motivate. I have been lucky to see the likes of Muir, Harvey, Steel, Morrissey, Nevin, Aldridge, Mahon, Koumas, Hume to name but a few. And they have given us a lot to cheer about. So is it the quality on the pitch that inspires us instead? Well the truth lies somewhere between the two because I firmly believe that we feed off each other to create a potent atmosphere at Prenton Park in particular. And that is the other ingredient that needs be added - the temple we worship at on Prenton Road West. We all go to a ground that is small but compact and has the fans close enough to the pitch to create an intimidating atmosphere. Never mind the history of all of the giant killings that have happened to add a further level of pressure for any away team. Mickey Mellon has got a new breed of players to get us on the edge of our seats (and even out of them at times), and we need just need to continue adding our voices and general noise to make all teams fear PP. Winter is coming and so are the Super White Army. Peterborough need to watch out...

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