Next Up: Bromley (H)

By Kenny_Crons
February 18 2018

A look ahead to Rovers' home game against Bromley on Saturday afternoon....







Hello...hello...this is Playa de Las Americas calling. Here is the preview from the Tenerife jury: 

As you can see, the information superhighway has perfect connection to the Canary Islands and, combined with the changes to data roaming charges, these words are being beamed live from the side of the hotel pool. 

Courtesy of increased access to the internet, I have been able to stay abreast of all matters 'super white' so it has been interesting to see all the chatter about title odds this week. In my very humble opinion, these odds are relatively meaningless because the bookmakers are essentially guessing based on a limited analysis of the situation in the National League. 

Very early on in the season, I stopped referring to odds because they just seemed to be there to be contradicted when the result went the opposite way to their predictions. I prefer using our own analysis.

Which brings us to today's game against two in form sides. Bromley arrive at Prenton Park in a rich vein of form and particularly when they are away from home. Their fans will be feeling fairly buoyant in their minibus this morning as they head up north for the game. 

What should instill a bit of fear in the Bromley Massive is the fact that they are facing a proper team currently in the middle of their best run of home victories ever. Should be a good game then Mr Paddy Power - who do you think will win?? 

I think we have arrived at the point of the season where we have to expect a win from every game and try to focus on each game as it comes. I know that is both a cliche and hard to do but it's the right thing to do. 

All our rivals are dreaming of glory and may find there are a few hard weeks left that need to dealt with to inconvenience them. 

Anyway, we will be somewhere over southern Spain when battle commences at 3 o'clock. I will be praying for no turbulence in the air as well as a smooth passage on Prenton Road West but as long as we win, it can be as rocky and bumpy as anything. 

Hasta luego!

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