Next Up: Gateshead (H)

By Kenny_Crons
April 11 2018

A look ahead to Rovers' home game against Gateshead on Tuesday evening...

Isn’t it funny how people’s views of matches are different. I had the unenviable task of painting the bathroom ceiling last Saturday so I listened to the game via Mixlr. But when I watched the highlights, I felt the commentary had not done justice to a couple of the incidents, including the first goal. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. 

Anyway as I can’t make this evenings game either, I will have to rely on others views again but all we are really bothered about is the result now. 

In the context of Gatesheads four games in a week, we should catch them at a low point and will hopefully win. A nice high tempo game with the quality of our squad should do the trick. 

All eyes and ears will also be glued on the other National League fixtures but particularly on the Macclesfield game. A win for Rovers and a defeat for the Silkmen could set into motion a serious wobble that we might capitalise on. 

Hope springs eternal and it’s a High hope for sure but wouldn’t it be lovely!!!

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